PDO Threads

PDO threading is a non surgical face lift method that uses a thread suture to lift areas of the face that are prone to experiencing signs of ageing  such as the jawline, cheeks and eyeline.

The threads hold the lifted face in place and encourage an increased amount of collagen to be produced in the area. Collagen is responsible for the repair and maintenance of cells across the body and so directing them towards the face will naturally cause it to heal in its lifted state. Reducing the notability of wrinkles and sunken skin.

The process of the treatment is incredibly non-invasive as you don’t need to go anywhere near a scalpel or any other form of surgery. The area undergoing treatment will then be numbed to reduce discomfort. Following the procedure, the threads will eventually dissolve naturally. Any swelling or redness will eventually go down as the area heals. It’s important that you follow the aftercare instructions provided by PMU artist as it will help reduce swelling and redness as a result of the treatment.

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