Microneedling Facial

Microneedling is a treatment that makes use of your bodies natural healing capabilities to reduce the visibility of unwanted marks on the body.

Using a microneedling machine to puncture the skin, the body can be encouraged to provide the area a heightened amount of collagen which in turn, heals the area of skin faster. This is extremely useful for reducing the visibility of scars and wrinkles.

A treatment that involves the puncturing of the skin with a needle may sound a little scary when you first hear about it. But don’t worry. The treatment area will first be numbed with a cream and the needling itself is minimally invasive, barely breaching the skin and not penetrating more than the top few layers.In return for this, your body is tricked into believing that it has a wound. Rushing collagen to replenish the area with youthful skin after a short time.

Afterwards, you will need to maintain an aftercare routine as per the artists recommendation. This will help the healing process and reduce any swelling or redness and afterwards you’ll be looking as youthful as ever!

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