Aqualyx Fat Dissolving injections

Aqualyx treatment uses an injection that targets and eliminates fatty cells in stubborn, localised fatty areas. These cells then naturally leave the body through the lymphatic system safely and easily.

Aqualyx is not a miracle weight loss treatment. It’s instead used to help you target those exercise resistant and stubborn areas of fat such as the hip, thigh and chin. Getting you closer to that preferred body image. It’s advised that you are already close to the ideal weight and are just looking to take that last on the weight loss journey.

This treatment can vary in the number of injections required depending on the area being treated. For example, a stomach treatment will require more injections than a chin treatment.

After these treatments, you will notice redness and swelling for up to two days which is completely normal and strenuous exercise isn’t advised for 7 days. You should then try to maintain a healthy lifestyle following the treatment as it is not a permanent solution.

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