Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow tattoos are one of the many treatments made possible by permanent makeup. You can say goodbye to putting on and taking off your makeup daily and keep your perfect look 24/7.
An eyebrows tattoo involves techniques very similar to tattooing; pigment is deposited into the skin with a tattooing needle, giving the impression of natural hair or makeup.
We will always recommend a consultation before your treatment to determine what type of eyebrow tattoo you want. We can draw on your new brows at your consultation to give you an idea of the shape.
Before starting your eyebrow tattoo session, we will apply a topical numbing cream to avoid discomfort. We will then re-map your perfect brow shape to ensure you are happy before we begin.
After the treatment, you may experience slight tenderness, but that is entirely normal and we always advise you to follow the aftercare instructions we provide to you following your treatment to achieve optimal longevity of your results. More importantly – you get to enjoy your new brows!!!!
Although the pigment will remain in the skin, it will fade over time, meaning you will need to return for annual top-ups to keep your colour looking as fresh as possible. This will allow you to change things up or leave your eyebrows as they are with no scarring or side effects.
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