Tattooed Make Up! Look your best every day. Treatments will require maintenance procedures from 9-24 months.

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Signature Courses

SPMU training

Our SPMU Course covers Powder Brows, Hairstroke Brows, Ombre and Combination Brows. It also covers Basic Eyeliner, and Lash Enhancement, Lip Liner and Lip Blush.


for students who wish to offer their clients body “thread/spider” vein removal treatments.

PRP Facial (Vampire Facial)

For students who wish to offer their clients Plasma Rich Platelet treatments.

Foundation Courses

Foundation Dermal Filler

Covers Basic Lip Filler, Naso-Labial Folds and Marionette Lines.

Foundation Botulinum Toxin

Covers the 3 main areas normally treated (Forehead, Between Brows and Crows’ Feet).

Advanced Courses

Advanced Dermal Filler

Covers Cheek Filler, Chin Filler, Tear Trough Filler, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty and Jawline Rejuvenation.

Advanced Lip Techniques

Covers Linear, Tenting, and Fanning Techniques, Russian Lips, Hollywood Lips, Paris Lips, Mona Lisa, and Peri-Orbital Rhytides .

Advanced Botulinum Toxin

Course covers Bunny Lines, Nose Tip Lift, Gummy Smile, Lip Lift, Dimpled Chin, Platysmal Bands and Hyperhydrosis.

advanced cannula techniques

students who wish to learn additional Dermal Filler Techniques using micro cannulas

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